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A Guide to Ordering the Right Amount of Pizza for a Party

August 25th, 2022 Posted by Pizza 0 thoughts on “A Guide to Ordering the Right Amount of Pizza for a Party”

Pizza is a delicious food enjoyed by people all over the world. But how do you know how many pizzas to order for your party or event? This guide will help you figure out how many pizzas you need so you don’t end up starving your guests or throwing leftover pizza into the bin.

What are the Different Pizza Sizes?

There are many different pizza sizes available, from personal pizzas to large pizzas that can feed a group. The most common pizza sizes are:

– Personal pizza: 6-8 inches in diameter, serves 1-2 people

– Small pizza: 8-10 inches in diameter, serves 2-3 people

– Medium pizza: 10-12 inches in diameter, serves 3-4 people

– Large pizza: 12-16 inches in diameter, serves 4-6 people

– Extra-large pizza: 16-20 inches in diameter, serves 6-8 people

How Many Pizzas Do You Need for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 People?

  • 5 people: 2-3 pizzas
  • 10 people: 4-6 pizzas
  • 15 people: 6-9 pizzas
  • 20 people: 8-12 pizzas
  • 25 people: 10-15 pizzas

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Number of Pizzas to Order

When deciding how many pizzas to order, you need to consider a few factors ( How many people will be attending, How long the event will last, If there will be other food available), such as:

How Many People Will Be Attending?

The number of people attending your event will be the biggest factor in deciding how many pizzas to order. You should plan on ordering 1 pizza per every 3-4 people. This will ensure that everyone gets at least one slice, with some leftovers. 

How Long Will the Event Last?

 The length of your event will also play a role in deciding how many pizzas to order. If your event is short (1-2 hours), you can get away with ordering fewer pizzas. However, if your event is a longer one (3+ hours), you will need to order more pizzas to keep your guests satisfied. 

If There Will Be Other Food Available?

 If you are serving other food at your event (such as appetizers, salads, etc.), you will not need to order as many pizzas. However, if pizza is the only food you will be serving, you will need to order more pizzas to ensure everyone gets enough to eat. 

Number of Adults vs. Children

It’s important to know how many guests you’re buying pizza for, but who they are is much more important. What percentage of them are adults? How many are children? This is significant because children play a key role in pizza ordering because they eat less than the average adult.

A Few Final Tips

 – Ordering pizza for a large group can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to consider the number of people attending, the length of the event, and if there will be other food available. With these factors in mind, you can easily determine how many pizzas to order for your next event.

– It’s always better to err on the side of caution and order too many pizzas than to run out of food. No one wants to be the person who didn’t order enough pizza, so make sure you have enough to feed everyone.

– If you’re still not sure how many pizzas to order, you can always ask the pizzeria for their recommendation. They will be able to help you based on the number of people you are feeding and the length of your event.


The number of pizzas you need to feed a group of people depends on a few factors, including the size of the pizzas, the appetite of the guests, and whether you’re serving other food. A good rule of thumb is to estimate that each person will eat two slices of pizza.

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Reasons Why Pizza Is the Best Meal for a Gathering

August 18th, 2022 Posted by Pizza 0 thoughts on “Reasons Why Pizza Is the Best Meal for a Gathering”

Any social gathering or special event typically includes pizza. Pizza will probably be on the menu no matter where you are from or what kind of event you are going to.

Pizza is a popular food among most people for many different reasons. One benefit is that it comes in a range of flavors to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. 

Apart from that, it is easily accessible wherever you are. To order a freshly cooked pie right away, you must stop by your neighborhood pizzeria or call their delivery hotline.

Although pizza is popular, not everyone agrees that it is a great go-to dinner for any occasion. If you are one of them, allow this article to convince you of pizza’s versatility!

Below are wonderful reasons why you should order a pizza for your upcoming get-together with family and friends.

It Can Accommodate Twelve People

Pizza is fantastic since you can purchase a large pie that will feed a dozen people, sometimes even more. If you want to serve a larger group and have more variety, you might order several small pizzas. 

After the celebration, you can simply place the leftover slices back in their box and store them in the refrigerator to enjoy later.

It Can Serve as an Inexpensive Dinner Substitute

A fresh brick oven pizza will be the ideal option for you if you want to throw a small gathering or party without going over budget. This is because even enormous, party-sized pizzas can be reasonably priced when compared to other prepared foods. 

Pizza can also be served without plates or other utensils, saving on some additional expenses and difficulties.

It Comes with Many Different Toppings

Pizza is a go-to food for any occasion because it offers a variety of toppings with distinct flavors and textures that everyone can enjoy. Whether you choose vegan or cheese pizza, you can be sure that your appetite will be sated. 

In addition, many restaurants provide gluten- and dairy-free pizza to satisfy the needs of customers who desire a healthy diet while still enjoying the pizza flavor.

It Can Be Offered in Informal and Formal Settings

Pizzas are most typically offered in casual get-togethers between friends and families. However, it is usual for pizza to be served at formal events. 

It is a must-have for every occasion and is simple to adapt. As you can see, pizza is a very adaptable food that can be served on every occasion and to any taste.


Pizza makes the ultimate get-together supper for various reasons. Everyone adores it, and it is simple to find. Additionally, countless topping options allow everyone to pick their own pizza.

To accommodate varied occasions, it is available in various sizes. Additionally, it comes in a variety of toppings and flavors to satisfy every appetite or taste. When compared to other meals, pizza is a cheap dinner.

It’s ideal for both informal and formal parties because it can be purchased at any time of the day. Therefore, if you’re hosting a party, think about serving pizza as the main course.

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Pizza 101: Why It’s the Most Popular Delivery Food

August 11th, 2022 Posted by Pizza 0 thoughts on “Pizza 101: Why It’s the Most Popular Delivery Food”

Whether you’re busy in the office or spending time at your friend’s house, it’s no doubt that pizza has become a staple food for those days when you don’t have time to cook and just want to enjoy eating a delicious ready-cooked meal. After all, it only takes a few taps on your phone or a few clicks on your computer to order a piping hot pizza for delivery to your doorstep. Plus, you can customize your pizza with your favorite toppings, making it the perfect food to satisfy your cravings.

But what is it about pizza that has made it so popular? Here are some of the reasons why pizza is the most popular delivery food:

1. Convenience

Pizza delivery is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal without having to cook it themselves. When you order pizza, you can simply sit back and relax while your food is delivered to your door. Plus, you don’t have to fret about preparing the pizza or cleaning up afterward since it’s all taken care of for you.

2. Quality

Many people love pizza delivery services because they know they’re getting quality food. The last thing you need is to call for a pizza from a restaurant and get a pie that looks like the local grocery store made. That’s why pizza delivery services are so popular—you can be sure you’re getting a great product.

3. Affordable

Many people think pizza delivery is expensive, but that’s not always the case. Depending on the pizza size and the toppings you choose, ordering pizza can be pretty affordable. Plus, coupons and deals are often available to ensure you’re getting the best value.

4. Variety

Pizza delivery is excellent because you can get a lot of different types of pizzas. You can find a pizza that you like and even get multiple toppings of your choice. You can experiment with different toppings and see what you like best. With pizza, there’s something for everyone.

5. Fast

When you order pizza, you don’t have to wait long for your food to be delivered. This means you can eat your pizza right away. You also don’t have to worry about the food quality because most pizza places use fresh ingredients and make their pizzas quickly, so they are hot and fresh when delivered.

6. Taste

Pizza is delicious food that everyone can enjoy. It is perfect for parties and potlucks because it is a food that everyone loves. Pizza is also a great meal to enjoy with your family or friends. Whether you’re in the mood for a slice or a whole pie, you won’t have to travel far to get your fix.

Final Thoughts

Pizza is one of the most popular delivery foods for a reason: it’s delicious, easy to eat, and easy to customize. Whether you’re a fan of pepperoni or prefer a veggie-packed pie, there’s a pizza out there for you. And thanks to delivery, you can enjoy a hot, fresh pizza without leaving your house.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Pizza Is Considered the Best Food Choice

August 4th, 2022 Posted by Pizza 0 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons Why Pizza Is Considered the Best Food Choice”

Pizza originated in Italy and is regarded as one of the most famous dishes, particularly in Northern America and other parts of the world.  

Whether something calls for a celebration, or you are simply looking for a quick meal on a busy day, nothing can compare with deliciously baked, fresh, and hot pizza topped with various healthy spices and meat. 

Pizza: More Than Just an Indulgent Treat

Many people think of pizza as an indulgent treat. However, pizza is much more than just a hearty meal. In fact, pizza has been among the best food options, and here are the reasons why. 

1. It’s a Good Protein Source

Our bodies need protein to perform daily tasks. Protein is also necessary for developing muscle. 

According to health experts, adults should take at least 7 grams of protein every 20 pounds of body weight. By eating an average slice of pizza, you can obtain 12 grams of protein. 

2. It’s Delicious Hot or Cold

Nothing tastes as good as a heated pizza. It can come in handy when you need a quick lunch and don’t want to deal with more pots and pans after a long and exhausting day. 

You can eat that pizza cold at breakfast the following day, and it will still taste delicious.

3. It Can Be a Nutritious Food

Do you want something healthy to eat right away? Pizza may substantially give you a balanced meal, unlike other quick foods. Simply order pizza with the toppings that best suit your dietary requirements. 

Consider ordering a pizza topped with cheese, vegetables, and lean meats. That way, you are eating something from all the food groups. 

4. It Will Strengthen Your Bones

Health professionals agree that dairy products like milk and cheese are a rich source of calcium. The body needs this nutrient as it is crucial for keeping bones strong. Thus, calcium intake is essential for preventing osteoporosis and developing brittle bones. 

Cheese is an important component of a classic pizza. Hence, when you order pizza with cheese, you are fulfilling calcium nutrition requirements beneficial to maintaining healthy bones.

5. It’s an Excellent Fiber Source

Vegetables are a good source of fiber that works so well as pizza toppings. Choosing a whole wheat crust will also increase the fiber in your pizza slices. It has significantly more fiber than the white dough crust.

6. It’s a Fantastic Cheat Meal

You may want to occasionally take a break from your diet, whether you’re trying to lose weight or want to be healthier. You can order pizza with healthy toppings to help you stick to your diet plan. You can also satisfy your appetites without undoing all your progress with your healthy lifestyle by having just a slice of pizza.


Pizza is one of the best food options, and now that you know why, you won’t think that eating it is just appropriate on special occasions. Not only are pizzas delicious, but they can also be healthy. It contains a lot of protein by itself, and with the correct toppings, it can also be a fantastic source of calcium, fiber, and other nutrients.

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