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Submarine Sandwiches: Your Guide to This Crowd Favorite

July 8th, 2022 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Submarine Sandwiches: Your Guide to This Crowd Favorite”

Submarine sandwiches are undoubtedly on the list of most Americans’ top favorite sandwiches. The sandwich, also known as a hoagie, hero, grinder, and several other names, is a highly versatile food that can be dressed up with premium ingredients or kept simple and satisfyingly straightforward. Whether you prefer to pile on the cheese or load it up with several types of meat, you’ll likely find a specialty sub that speaks to your specific tastes.

Traditional Servings

A submarine sandwich is traditionally served on a crusty roll with cold cuts and cheese, but the fillings are only limited by your imagination. Any sandwich can be turned into a submarine by serving it in a long, hoagie-style roll. You can also find submarine sandwich options that are served hot on a roll.

Submarine sandwiches are generally made using ingredients that are healthy and wholesome. The bread is typically whole grain, for example, and many specialty submarine sandwiches are made with fresh vegetables or lean meats. The lobster sub, for instance, is made from lobster meat, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can even find subs made with fresh fruit and healthy spreads like hummus or tahini.

Premium Ingredients

Premium ingredients like avocado and ranch dressing add a sophisticated touch to submarine sandwiches. Specialty subs can be dressed up with premium ingredients and gourmet sauces, and many sandwich shops are creating unique combinations featuring ingredients that are both unique and delicious.

Some of the most popular ingredients in the world of submarine sandwiches include:


  • Pepperoni 


If a sub has pepperoni on it, it’s worth tasting. Pepperoni is a uniquely flavorful Italian sausage that has a hint of sweetness. The pepperoni sub is one of the most popular subs in the world.


  • Ham 


Ham is a premium cold cut that’s tender and tasty. It’s usually served on a submarine sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.


  • Roast beef 


Roast beef is a tender and flavorful cut of beef. It pairs well with a variety of ingredients and is the premium alternative to ham.


  • Salami


Salami is a very popular cold cut because it’s flavorful, versatile, and fun to eat. It doesn’t need a lot of added ingredients to be delicious, but it pairs well with cheese, lettuce, and even sauces.


  • Turkey 


Turkey makes a delicious submarine sandwich. It’s a lump of lean meat that’s a healthier alternative to roast beef.

  • Roasted red peppers

Roasted red peppers are tender, tasty, and a good source of vitamin C. Red peppers pair well with various meats, cheeses, and vegetables. 

A Staple of Diners

Submarine sandwiches are an ideal food for nearly any meal and can be found at diners, coffee shops, and restaurants specializing in sandwiches. If you’re looking for a hearty meal on the go, a submarine sandwich is a great option. You can also find submarine sandwiches in casual dining establishments and even upscale eateries.

Submarine sandwiches are easy to transport, so you can take a sandwich from home to your picnic or office without worrying about soggy bread or smearing. It’s also easy to grab a submarine sandwich for a last-minute lunch, making the sandwich a staple of lunchtime or on busy days when you don’t have time to prepare your own food.


Submarine sandwiches are a staple of American cuisine and can be found nearly everywhere you might eat. The popularity of the sandwich is undisputed, and you’ll find that it’s possible to enjoy a submarine sandwich at lunch and dinner and for breakfast, too. 

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