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Mushrooms: A Pizza Place’s Best Picks For The Perfect Slice

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Mushrooms are must-have ingredients for several dishes, such as soups, pasta, and pizzas. They are also an excellent addition to vegan diets, providing Vitamin D, B vitamins, and different amounts of fiber and protein. 

And did you know that there are over 10,000 kinds of mushrooms worldwide? While variety is good, you must know which mushrooms work best for your pizza. 

No pizza would be complete without the toppings, and mushrooms are one of the widely used toppings for any pizza worldwide. Besides complimenting other toppings like onions, olives, meat, and cheese, every kind of mushroom has unique flavors. 

This article identifies the six types of mushrooms on pizza to help you order a mouth-watering slice in your local pizza place. 

  1. Button Mushrooms

While there are 10,000 types of mushrooms worldwide, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of mushrooms is the small white button variety. They are the least mature among the edible fungus species Agaricus bisporus. 

Button mushrooms can evolve from ordinary to extraordinary when you sautee them with garlic, salt, olive oil, and parsley.

  1. Cremini Mushrooms

If you’re looking for the middle ground between the simple button mushrooms and meaty portobello, the little brown cremini is the two species’ midway point. 

Did you know that portobello mushrooms are white button mushrooms with more time to mature? They turn into crimini mushrooms at their in-between stage, where they have the button mushroom’s size and shape while having the portobello’s brown color and meaty flavor. 

  1. Portabella Mushrooms

Sometimes, we think about eating portabella mushrooms more often when we grill them at a family cookout. Fortunately, you can eat it again when you order a pizza topped with portabella mushrooms. Portabella mushrooms are the most mature mushrooms in the Agaricus bisporus species.

Portabellas are a guaranteed crowd-favorite for your circle of friends, especially for the vegans and vegetarians who crave the taste of meat. They are thicker than several other mushroom types and offer a meaty flavor that other vegetables cannot replicate easily. 

They also work best as a meat-free pizza substitute because of their meaty flavors after cooking. Portabella mushrooms usually go with the classic pizza toppings. We suggest using them with Manchego, Parmesan, and Ricotta cheese. This significant pizza topping is an excellent Vitamin B source, increasing your mouth-watering pizza’s nutritional value. 

  1. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms work best if you want to add more complexity to your mushroom pizza, and they’re on more pizzeria menus than you expected. 

They are edible fungi native to China and Japan. Fresh shiitake mushrooms have a rich buttery flavor that you usually won’t get from other mushroom types. On the other hand, dried ones have a smokier taste, and the pizza oven’s high heat boosts it. 

  1. Morel Mushrooms

You can also treat yourself to a morel mushroom pizza to satisfy your fancy taste buds! 

Morels are best known for their nutty, earthy, and deep flavor, and they’re positively life-changing for first-timers. While you might not find them at your local corner slice shop, there are different pizza places offering morels on the menu. 

  1. Truffles

No, we’re not talking about the dessert. Okay, we might cheat here, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity to appreciate the magic of truffles on pizza. 

Like mushrooms, truffles are a type of fungus. While mushrooms grow above the ground, truffles are subterranean species that thrive below the ground.

They are exquisite and not limited to pasta. We strongly believe that ordering pizza is a gourmet experience; nothing screams gourmet than topping your favorite slices with truffles.  

Topping Off A Mouthwatering Slice

There are several mushroom species worldwide. While variety can be good, you must also know which mushrooms work best on pizza.

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