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Proper Ways to Reheat the Best Pizza in Framingham

October 14th, 2022 Posted by Pizza 0 thoughts on “Proper Ways to Reheat the Best Pizza in Framingham”

Pizza is amazing when it’s fresh out of the oven. The cheese is melted, and the toppings are in perfect order. The crust is also dry and crispy, making it the perfect foil for all the wet, melted ingredients on top of it.

Once you refrigerate this pie, it may lose its textural appeal, especially if you don’t know how to reheat it properly. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! We’ll show you how to reheat pizza the right way using a variety of cookware and appliances, starting with a…

Conventional or Convection Oven

Pizza is best reheated in an oven because it simulates the baking process, especially if you place the whole pie. This can be done in a conventional, convection, or countertop toaster oven. 

For now, let’s go through these steps for conventional and convection ovens:

  • Preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This step will ensure that your pizza is reheated quickly and evenly, resulting in better flavor and texture. Depending on its crust thickness, you may need to adjust your oven to find the best temperature to reheat the pizza.
  • Place cold slices onto a baking tray. Cover the baking tray with foil. Put the baking tray with the pizza and foil into the oven as it preheats. This will help the pizza reheat faster.
  • Put the pizza in the oven on a tray. Check it regularly, so it doesn’t burn, and take it out after 10 minutes. 

Another sign you’ll know it’s done is this: When the cheese on your pizza is melted and bubbly in your toaster oven, it’s time to take it out, so you don’t end up with a burnt pizza.

Either way, enjoy! 

Frying Pan

A frying pan or skillet can be a great tool for reheating pizza. The heat from the pan can help make the crust crispy once again! 

  • To cook a pizza on a stovetop, set the temperature to medium and use a non-stick skillet. Place the pizza slice directly onto the skillet and let it heat up until the cheese starts to soften.
  • Add a few water drops to the base of the pan. Then, place a lid on the pan and heat the pizza for around 3 minutes. Once the cheese melts, remove the lid and use a spatula to transfer the slice from the skillet to a plate. And there you have it! Your pizza slice is ready to enjoy.


The microwave is probably the most popular way to reheat pizza since it’s quick and easy. Simply place the pizza slice on a plate and microwave it on high power for 45 seconds. Afterward, let it sit for a bit before enjoying it. Some even say adding a glass of water to your pizza before microwaving it can help to keep the crust from getting tough.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven may be the best option for reheating a slice of pizza, but a conventional or convection oven is the best option for reheating an entire pizza. Follow the same instructions as the bigger ovens, and your slice is good to eat!

Reheating Is Just One Part of the Equation

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